Links to other web sites

I have refrained from attempting to make the following list of links comprehensive - no point trying to beat the search engines!

The status of all these links was last checked October 2022.

Dinghy Cruising Association - A central association for dinghy cruising - there is also a DCA 'group' on Facebook. 

Youth Hostels Association - The national organisation and registered charity which provides budget accommodation for outdoor activities and to which the Hostellers Sailing Club was affiliated for many years.

East Coast Pilot This website is linked to the paper book 'East Coast Pilot' but contains a lot of topical information that I dont think you would find in the book. Look here for news relevant to navigation in our sailing area, chartlets that you can download and lots of links to other relevant websites.

Safety information for the Shoeburyness sea danger area - Qinetiq webpage with information about navigating Foulness and Maplin sands and availability of Havengore and Potton island bridges. 

Roach Sailing Association (RSA) The RSA was set up as an association to represent the interests of people using the River Roach for sailing, but it is now also an active sailing club with a program of races, cruises and social events, mainly for cabin boats rather than dinghies. We wave to them as we sail by and occasionally we have joined in with their activities. Their website now includes a page about boatbuilding by the Shuttlewoods at Paglesham and a useful guide to the sailing route into the Roach via Havengore bridge.

Pagelsham Village Website - The small village where our boats have been based for a number of years.

Woodbridge Riverside Trust / Woodbridge Waterfront / Sutton Hoo Ship's Company   Three websites that cover various aspects of the same project which is to build a seagoing replica of the Anglo Saxon ship that was excavated at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge and also build a museum/community centre on Woodbridge waterside.  DCA member Paul Constantine has been closely associated with the project from the start - I don't know why three websites for the same project - I have suggested there could be links between them.

Tony Smith's website - Tony Smith writes about the wonders of the Essex coastline and has recently published a book about the Blackwater estuary. Tony Smith is now sailing Charles Stock's boat (see above), without an engine, just as Charles used to do.

Wayfarer Class Association website. - The Wayfarer dinghy association, with technical details about the boats and lots of events, both racing and cruising.

Crouch Harbour Authority (CHA) - Notices to mariners, shipping movements and other safety notices, details of regulations and harbour dues.

Crouch Area Yachting Federation - Representing sailing and sports boating interests through the CHA Advisory Group, the RYA and other bodies.

Roach Area Fairways Conservation Committee  - Promotes agreed fairways and conservation policies, providing representation to authorities including the CHA.

Bradwell Chapel - Very old (approx 650 AD) chapel in a quiet lonely place. In years gone by the HSC visited the chapel arriving by sea on a number of occasions but these days landing on the marsh right in front of the chapel may be discouraged since it is nature reserve. 

Wind globe - This globe showing worldwide winds is fascinating. If you click on 'Earth' at bottom left you see further options including display of wind at different heights and a forcast a short way into the future.