I have selected accounts of some of our most memorable club cruises to feature in this section. For club cruise activities not included here look under our 'Archive' section.

Logs of dinghy cruises by individual HSC members (as opposed to club cruises).  Do please send your contributions to the website editor.

Harold Mann was a longstanding member to the HSC who died in October 2004. I felt that the articles which Harold wrote many years ago for our modest club  newsletter deserved a wider audience, so see here for Harold's experiences during the 1950s, working on commercial small ships and sailing barges on the East Coast of the UK. Following these experiences Harold continued a career in the Merchant Navy and in later years worked on the sludge boats which carried waste from London sewage works to be dumped well out in the southern end of the North Sea.

Dinghy cruising has always been one of the main activities of the HSC, so I think it is justifiable to include these 'how to do it' notes.

This section records our experiences when we have attended sailing festivals such as Semaine du Golfe, held biennially in Brittany and Seafair held biennially in Wales.

These sailing festivals are not competitive sailing events, rather they are an opportunity for sailors to socialise and to go sailing in company and they also provide a bit of a spectacle for land based tourists, which I think is the reason that they sometimes get a some financial support from local authorities.

This section contains a couple of articles about the website editor's boat designing and home boat building.

A couple of HSC members have built their own boats and a couple more are thinking about doing so, but boat building is not really an HSC activity, which is why I am calling this an 'annex' to the HSC website. I intend at some stage to more these articles to a separate boat building website.