These rates are for 2020 and are unchanged from 2007 except that we introduced a 'family membership' in 2012.

Full membership of the HSC is £40-00 pa. Full members also pay a daily sailing fee of £6-00 to use the club owned boat(s). We also offer a family membership at £60-00, this giving full membership benefits to each individual of a family group.

Those who rarely or never use the club owned boats may join as Associate Members for just £10-00pa. Associate membership suits those who prefer to sail their own boats rather than our club owned boats and also those who are more interested in our country walking events than in sailing.

Anyone can sail with the HSC on a one off or occasional basis by paying a temporary membership fee of £20-00 for any day they go sailing.  There is no extra sailing fee on top of this temporary membership fee. Temporary membership suits visitors to the club or those associate members of the club who rarely use the club boats, but for anyone who expects to sail in the HSC club boats at least a few times in a year it makes sense to join as a full member. If, as a prospective new member, you pay one or more temporary membership subscriptions then decide to join as a full member later in the same year, you would be refunded the difference between the temporary memberships you have paid and the cheaper full member's day sailing fees.

All the above fees should be paid to the HSC Treasurer, if necessary via another committee member. Cheques should be payable to HOSTELLERS SAILING CLUB. You may also pay by on-line transfer to the HSC bank account, contact the HSC Treasurer for account details.

We also now have a general understanding that those who crew for owner/skippers on privately owned boats taking part in club sailing events make a donation similar to the club daily sailing fee (i.e. £6-00 per day). This is regarded as a donation to the owner of the privately owned boat but as far as I am aware our boat owning members have always passed these donations on to the club Treasurer. This scheme has worked well and has augmented club income. It means that those sailing with the club, other than those sailing their own privately owned boats, all pay the same for a day's sailing regardless of what boat they happen to be on board. This seems fair and the cost to non-boat owners is still minimal compared with the typical cost of owning your own boat.

The HSC is non profit making. Almost our entire income is used to pay for mooring fees, insurance and maintenance of our club owned boat Merganser.

Our winter social and country walking events are often based at Youth Hostels run by the YOUTH HOSTELS ASSOCIATION. It is not necessary to be a member of the YHA to join the HSC or to stay at a Youth Hostel, however   members of the YHA do get a discount when staying at YHA hostels. You can join the YHA when you visit a hostel or you can join through the YHA website.