A welcome to those new to sailing

The HSC is ideal for those who are new to any kind of sailing, especially those who would like to try this pastime with minimal initial investment. You dont need to own a boat since the HSC provides two boats for members use. You don't even need to buy a bouyancy aid since we keep a few spare ones in our club store at Paglesham. We even have a few items of waterproof clothing in various sizes, but do bring your own waterproofs if you have something suitable. We have a number of members who are experienced in sailing and are willing to explain all you need to know to get started. One of our committee members is appointed to be 'Training and Safety Officer' and is responsible for coordinating the guidance of those new to sailing and for arranging training days as demand requires.

What to wear for sailing

As indicated above, you don't need to buy special sailing gear to start sailing with the HSC, you can leave this until you have a better idea about what is needed. However you should dress to keep warm and not wear cloths which you will mind getting wet or muddy. And, unless it is calm, you will need something water proof to protect against salt spray.  

One thing to remember is that it feels cooler on the water than on land. This is mainly wind chill effect, the wind being unobstructed and hence stronger at sea than on land. Even on an estuary such as the Crouch there will be more wind chill than in most places ashore. Mind you, on those few summer days when it is unbearably hot on land it is just lovely out at sea and you can wear shorts and tee shirt or whatever.

For a first sail, old trainers or plimsolls will do fine for footwear. Agricultural style Wellingtons are not really to be recommended for sailing, they are clumsy and could be awkward in the (unlikely) event that you end up swimming.

Later, if you continue to come sailing with us, you will probably want to buy some purpose made sailing clothing. It would also be best to get your own bouyancy aid since since the club owned ones are primarily for visitors or new members. There are further notes on specialist sailing clothing under the section of this web site titled 'All about dinghy cruising', CLICK HERE to look at this section now.